DiNi Engine

Our Mission

At Dini Engine, Our mission is to create a reliable place were entrepreneurs can hire reliable digital personnel for digital services without the fear of losing their money. Dini Engine protects and gives your full control of your money to get the best value.

Marketplace Services for all Tech creatives

Dini Engine is an online marketplace for providers and users of digital services. We market quality micro jobs offered by our subscribers for users who require quality digital services and at the required time. The purpose of Dini Engine is to bridge the gap between access to digital services and availability by making these services through our available, accessible and affordable services (microjobs).

Dini Engine understands the problem of trust, and knows some designers don’t do jobs to meet client's expectations even after they have been paid. Some make unnecessary changes and delay on a particular microjob. All these problems and insecurities are what Dini Engine exists to eliminate through her carefully created tech platform that gives both the subscribers and users (clients) a 50 - 50 chance.

Our Vision

Youth unemployment in Africa is almost 40% and 60% under the age of 25. Due to this high unemployment, many of the young talents are lured into cybercrime. Our vision is to build alternative platforms through which the burgeoning youth population can develop and deploy their creative and technological skills to earn money legitimately online working from the comfort of their home.

We Promise You

Professional Quality Guarantee
Easy and Affordable Payments
Best Product Guarantee

We also exist to create revenues for digital providers by ensuring that their services meet client’s expectations and satisfaction. Choose DiniEngine today choose peace of mind.

Great things starts small..

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Why Dini Engine

Dini Engine brings the job to the doorstep of the professional. Work from home

  • Dini is a medium through which people seeking quality digital/IT related services meet those who can carry out such jobs.
  • Dini monitors the whole transaction process as the third party in all transactions
  • Dini ensures that jobs are completed to customers satisfaction b4 payment gets to the those rendering such services
  • Dini markets service personnel to the world via its numerous channels
  • Dini offers guaranteed service delivery at the appointed time by ensuring prompt delivery of required service. Say good bye to disappointments
  • Dini is run by trusted personnel who have seen and been in the digital industry.
  • Dini protects both the service provider and the customer.
  • Get your jobs delievered right to your palm wherever you are.