Everything in life is built to have a support system. Look at our body, it functions because it is supported by different systems.

Everything that works in life has a system. Your life needs to have support structure and system.

Everything of value has a structure and system backing it up. If you love your life, you have to consciously build a support system for it.

One of the support systems of a building are the pillars. It was deliberately fixed and made part of the building plan. Hence, you must intentionally build a support system for your life.

People are the most important support system you can have. Whatever you need help for can be found in people. Whatever we lack is because we either do not have people who have it or do not know how to connect with those who have it.

God is the best support system, He connects you with people who will form the support system you really need. This happens when you’re truly connected to Him.

It’s never a sign of weakness to ask for help. We can also be support system to people. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.