I’ve suffered rejection on several occasions, through application for jobs, scholarships, fellowships, and other opportunities, even in relationships. So, you’re not alone.

I must say, they humbled me. Some of those periods were the most sobering and humbling moments of my life.

Whenever I encounter or have any unpleasant experience, I look inward, not outward. It has helped me to rebound, outdo, and outgrow my previous self.

You cannot catch me sobbing and whining on the past, no way. Learn how to deal with life issues yourself because you’ll spend more time with yourself than with anybody.

Learn to move on no matter what happens and don’t move on with regrets of the past or unforgiveness. Deal with whatever that has to do with the past then, you’re ready to move on and forward.

Truth is, you were not rejected, it’s just that you’re not giving (more) attention to your growth and development as supposed.

See failure as another learning curve and see rejection as a prompting to grow above your current level. Nevertheless, learn to always see the value in you even when others do not and carry yourself that way. It’s not pride.

Grow yourself to the point where you become irresistible and even intimidating. Yes. Keep growing. Keep investing in yourself. Grow your network, it impacts on your net worth.

Today, everything is changed for me, things are no longer the same. We can change our situation by how we choose to deal with it. Stay positive.

Don’t reject yourself even when you’re rejected and don’t fail you even when the odds seem to be against you. Cheers to a new and developed you in the making.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.