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Dini Engine is a online freelancer market place where people that have Skillz or talent in ict that are good at their craft, registers and list their services with a price tag known as microjob and get hired buy customers who are seeking that services for their personal use or company and get paid all on the platform.

Dini Engine saves time searching around looking for designers, developers, marketers in Nigeria, and gives you a variety of them all over different states of Nigeria to choose the one you would love to work with.

Users in Dini Engine put samples of their jobs they have done before, links to thier portfolio and gives a comprehensive detail of what they intend to do on a particular microjob.

The customer that wants his/her job done also has the ability to negotiate on a new project and once they come to a compromise with the service and a price, a custom price is created and sent to the customer for payment right there on Dini Engine.

We understand that a lot of people are not trustworthy, and some designers don’t do jobs to meet expectations sometimes after they have been paid. Some makes unnecessary changes and delay on a particular microjob project of the client.. all these problems and insecurities we face in the ICT sector in Nigeria. And this goes for the client as well.

We are Dini Engine bridges the gap on this trust issues. Where after making payment on a microjob, the money stays with Dini until the user delivers the final project of the microjob. And the money will only be given to him/her if and only if the customer hits the “Accept” button on the microjob project. Else the money is refunded to the customer wallet on Dini engine.

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