Chidi Odinanwa © 2021


still on living a satisfied life and fulfilled life. don’t see life as a game else, you’ll see and use people as things to make ends meet. Don’t see people as things else, you’ll have problem with God.

it’s simple, people are God’s most treasured and invaluable resource and through them He makes His purposes known. He won’t watch you spoil or change that, the evil one (satan) knows better.

God is an astute businessman. God’s greatest investment is in people, so it is wisdom to invest where God has invested and still investing. you cannot come and spoil business for Him.

people are assets and resource of immeasurable value. see and treat them as that.

one of the ways to live a satisfied and fulfilled life is to invest in people than on things, that way, you attract God’s attention and you crest your name on gold.

remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.