Daily, we’re faced with seemingly impossible situations. Some people have reached out to me in recent times with stories and experiences that can sniff life out of you. I offered some prayer and the supported them the much I can.

Everything that happens to us leaves us with an experience that we either use as a launchpad or allow it to become a drawback on the journey of life.

Being resilient cannot be overemphasized if you are living in our time and especially, if you are a Nigerian. In fact, you’re either born resilient or you learn it. Arguably, I can say that Nigerians are born with the “never say die” or “don’t give up” spirit.

Above all, find or get a support system. It’s very important in fact, it is a necessity now. If you lack support system, you’ll breakdown several times without help and may crash out of life.

Don’t just find or get support systems, also be a part of someone’s support system. The best support and help you can get is from God, He can guide you and command resources, including people your way – your best life starts here.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful