Everyone who rose to limelight or became successful didn’t achieve that by “wish”. You cannot have or live life on your own terms passively and expect to be fulfilled. Never.

Passivity has never helped any situation. Doing nothing is the worse response you can give to any situation. You can live on your own terms, yes, you can. But, you have to work for it.

Make efforts to become a better person, daily. Make a commitment to do something that adds to your growth and prosperity, daily.

The sum of your daily activities should mould and be directed to the kind of person and life you want to lead and have.

Find a way to become a better person daily or fade away. It’s your choice, it’s your call. It’s your duty. It’s your life.

Life at its best is lived by becoming a better person. Make your growth and peace a priority. Make a commitment to grow and be at peace daily.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful