Chidi Odinanwa © 2021

It has become imperative more than ever to bring to our remembrance, what life really is about and how we can achieve satisfaction in life. I trust God for inspiration as I intend to make this a series.

To be candid, most of us have lost the purpose of life. Some of us now unknowingly seek for the meaning of life from things.

When we seek to be satisfied by people and things, we lose ourselves to them and in the long run, lose sight of what life is about.

We may open the door of our life to harmful habits, frustration, and depression which may lead to suicide when we lease our happiness and fulfilment in life to things.

What matters to each of us may differ but, what brings us satisfaction is common. We’re carried away by seemingly important elements that matter to us until an activity or event jolts us from our perceived journey of aspiration to a state of reality.

We cannot live life at its best if we cannot have a hold on what truly brings us satisfaction or fulfilment.

May I let you know that a fulfilled and satisfied life starts with knowing and having a relationship the author of life.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.