“There’s no harm in trial” is one of the words that anyone who hopes to have their pursuit or live their dreams should know and keep living as every day unfolds.

Really, you have nothing to lose when you try. You have more to lose when you don’t try than when you try and you didn’t get the anticipated result.

Even intended efforts are trial in disguise. But note, if you want to keep trying, you have keep showing up. If you want to keep trying, you have to keep believing. If you want to keep trying, you have to keep keeping on.

It’s very true that “you never know until you try”. Most efforts that yielded results had a trial phase and because the person(s) kept at it, they got the results they anticipated.

Also, if you want to keep trying and eventually get astounding results, you have to consider either getting mentor(s) or a team of those you believe can help you with your pursuit.

Lastly, trying doesn’t equate to preparation. Don’t step out if you know that you’ve not done your homework and don’t wait to be a pro or have all the qualifications or meet all the requirements before you stick your head out.

Have a supernatural July.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.