Paying attention to the things that matters most may not occur to us until we either know better or have an unpleasant experience.

What matters most to each of us vary and it is based on how exposed and informed we are in our mind.

We pay more attention to our body than we do to our mind without knowing that our mind ultimately decides what our body and other aspects of our life will become.

Sometimes, we plan for what our body eat and load it with sumptuous meal but feed our mind with junks from the internet, friends, social media, television, books, e.t.c.

We take care of our body without taking care of our mind. Don’t just make up your face, make up your mind. The finest you can ever be is in your mind. Don’t just feed your body with meals, feed your mind with quality stuffs. The best of you starts from your mind – your mindset.

Life at its best begins from the mind. Our best life begins from our mind.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.