We don’t share the same experience but we can learn from other people’s experience. Yes, there are similar experiences but the details are not same.

Face it, you cannot have the same kind of experience another person has or have had, good or bad, no matter how you wish it but, you can relive their outcome.

It’s unwise to relive the outcome of an experience that’s not palatable and that you either know or are familiar with, but we tend to see it play out in our society every now and then.

Nevertheless, let’s not be afraid to own our experiences and ensure that no matter its outcome, it should be used to our own advantage.

The best response to an unpleasant experience is resilience and growth. The only way to take advantage of an unpleasant experience is to channel it to our growth. And that’s what resilience helps you to achieve.

Life at its best is lived by determining to grow steadily regardless of the outcome of your experience in life