Chidi Odinanwa © 2021


It is apparent that our life can only get better; it will take a positive, an open-minded, and optimistic individual who have faith to observe that.

Although, a number of factors are responsible for that to happen, which I’ll quickly mention that they’re in our control.

Life is predictable. Death is predictable. Success is predictable. Failure is predictable. Humans are predictable.

Nearly everything in life is predictable to the extent that we are privy to information that’s necessary to make predictions.

The fact that you know that you will die one day has some iota of prediction which either make you live intentionally or live life as it comes.

Nevertheless, in all of these predictions, we have our parts to play. We can predict what will happen to us through our thoughts and beliefs and especially, by our faith.

Our thoughts and believes mould the principles that will live by. The two most relevant principles to live by are faith and wisdom.

If you want to live life at its best, have and hold healthy thoughts and belief ruled by faith and wisdom.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.