Balance is key to living the best and wonderful life. Can you imagine life with varieties?  The presence of other things creates things a balance that makes life beautiful.

The reason why we want to keep living despite the troubles that come with living is because of the varieties of enjoyment and excitement that’s associated with living.

To be at our best, we must have the mix of the right virtues. To relate to people and still maintain our best, we must be firm in our disposition and attitudes toward them, not careless and not carefree.

Be kind, but don’t let people abuse you. We’re not all the same and we do not share same level of compassion, be shrewd and discerning in being kind.

Trust, but don’t be astute and circumspect in dealing with people.

Be content, but never stop improving yourself. This is what defines life – growth. The growth I mean here is growth in the inside. When you stop growing, you stop living. It’s similar to giving, when you stop giving, you stop living.

Life has balance and if you must live your best life, you should make or bring balance into how you lead your life.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.