Dini Engine offers the online freelancer a chance to place Digital Jobs online from the comfort of their home.

The freelancer can upload previous jobs so clients can easily navigate them increasing the chances of being hired.
Dini Engine promotes the uploaded jobs by having them on her platform without the freelancer having to pay for promotion of the jobs, they only get to pay when they get engaged.
Dini saves time searching around looking for designers, developers, marketers in Nigeria, and gives you a variety of them all over Nigeria to choose the one you would love to work with. The client has nothing to worry about as all transaction is done on Dini Engine. Once the job is aggreed on, a custom ticket is created for payment by the client. After payment by the client a countdown time is initiated for the job. The proffesional is expected to finish the job within the set time. This ensures no subscriber collects money for a microjob and does not deliver the job. this is actually a win – win for the clients as Dini Engine can make a refund if a particular microjob does not scale through even after payment.
for our subscribers they can always rely on us for prompt payment once a microjob is completed.
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Problems Dini Engine helps to solve in ICT service in Nigeria

  1. Dini Engine eliminates the problem of trust between the client and the professional buy overseeing all transactions ie all payments is done on Dini Engine
  2. Dini Engine brings the job to the doorstep of the professional work from home
  3. Dini Engine brings the clients to real and committed professional jobs must be delivered to the clients within the count down time selected
  4. There is no worries over payment by the client as this is done on Dini Engine at the onset of the discussed job
  5. Dini Engine offer money back to clients who have unsucesful or unsatisfied jobs. Money in safe hands,

Work with Dini Engine enjoy peace of mind