The advantage that knowledge has is seen in the one who has it. Don’t claim to know, do like you know then, we will see that you truly know.

Whatever you want to have or be in life begins with having the knowledge of/about it. And, whatever is birthed by knowledge will be sustained by knowledge.

Also, nobody can own what they have not known and understood. You cannot experience what you haven’t known and understood.

Your journey to any destination begins with knowing where you’re headed. Your destination represents anything you want to achieve or become and knowledge is like your compass.

Have you cared to ask why people go for Masters and PhD? Apart from academic purposes, it gives them some form of exposure that broaden their knowledge and access to opportunities.

Life thrives on relationships, but life is lived by knowledge. Every aspects of our life is knowledge driven. Without life skills, you’ll have a hard time coping with life and life skills begins with knowledge.

Knowledge creates platform and access to opportunities. New knowledge, new opportunities. Go for knowledge and in all thy getting, get wisdom and understanding.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful