You cannot easily disband a united front. There are two groups of people you don’t want to mess with, the united and the determined.

Even God knows the power of unity. The Holy Bible have a record of a united people who were determined to build a tower to heaven and as they started, God seeing that nothing can stop them, changed their focus.

God respects and responds to unity. In the same Bible, it’s recorded that, whatever two or three agrees to and pray about is a done deal if they believe.

In the same vein, when there’s unity between what you hold in your heart and your actions, you’ll most likely see or have the results you seek.

This is in solidarity with fellow comrades and youths everywhere, on the street protesting and on their knees praying. We won’t stop pushing until we see the Nigeria of our dream.

We have one language. We speak with one voice. We may not have a leader, but we have a purpose. #sorosoke

We remain united, resolute and determined.