During the week, I learned what it means to wait and why waiting is an essential part of life. It has helped me to have a perspective about life that’s quite interesting.

Life is a journey and waiting is a part of it. Every journey has stops and each of the stops are crucial to the journey. It could be to refuel or get something that’s relevant to you for the journey.

Focus on the journey, not on the stops. You’ll stop if you focus on the stop, but you’ll continue if your focus is on the journey.

Waiting is a part of life, life is designed in such a way that we have to do some waiting. Yes. No matter how in a hurry you want to get in life, you’ll get to a point that you’ll have to wait.

Nobody likes waiting but everybody waits. Everyone is waiting for something, what one person is waiting for is different from what another person is waiting for.

Some are waiting for admission, job, scholarship, a child/baby, partner, response from an application or proposal, cure or healing from an illness, to start a business, the list is endless.

We’re all at our different points of waiting. There’s nobody you see who’s not waiting for something, so calm down. You’re not the only one in the waiting room. Lol.

Our attitude during the times of waiting is as important as what we’re waiting for. Because our attitude can determine how long we will wait and if we’re going to have what we’re waiting for.

I’ll advice that our life should be one that focuses on contributing to the good of others than on things. In the end, your contributions will be counted and more recognized as your achievement.

Life is not measures by your achievement, but by your contribution.

Remain inspired, purposeful, and successful.